A Guide to the UK Tender Jungle

The UK’s public sector has become fertile territory for companies looking to tender for new business opportunities. Once the preserve of the big boys of industry, public tenders have recently been overhauled to give small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) a fighting chance of winning. The prizes are huge. Around £15bn of public sector spending is  … Read more

5 Things You Will Never Believe the Government Buys

When governments go shopping they are not always looking for the obvious. There is much more to the world of public tenders than construction projects, stationery and copious amounts of cleaning materials. Governments and their various departments are so large and sprawling they are a world of their own. And just like the world their  … Read more

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Public Sector Contracts

Tendering for public tenders is much the same as any other competition. To win you’ve got to be in shape, know what you’re doing and do it better than anyone else. All of this is achievable. Let’s start with getting in shape. Bulk up your credentials Accreditation is muscle in public tenders. The people who  … Read more

5 biggest challenges for public sector procurement

5 biggest challenges for public sector procurement

When your company wants to get involved with the public sector procurement process, there are many advantages. However, there are also some challenges to be aware of. Here is the Oppex take on what we think are the five biggest challenges for public sector procurement: 1. Austerity During the (ongoing) global financial crisis many governments  … Read more

Why cyber security is important for public procurement

Why cyber security is important for public procurement

It might go by the name of public procurement but that doesn’t mean governments want to go public with their data. With the continuous growth of information technology systems within the government and enterprises. It is becoming ever more common that important, sometimes vital information is stored within a computer system. Sometimes the leakage of  … Read more

Provide proof that you’re right for the job


No matter how good your tender writing skills are, if you are unable to provide proof of your ability to perform then your chances of completing a deal may be drastically reduced. If you can provide hard evidence that you are up for the job, then use it to your advantage. After all, you never  … Read more